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I’m Tiffany and I created Freedom Acres to awaken GAIA’s children to HER world of abundance. Humans currently walk on GAIA and truly have everything they need for full and complete lives in reach, FREE of charge. Freedom Acres is here to plant her seeds of reminder that all in habitants are sovereign and well cared for if we remember to live INSIDE Gaia and not outside or above.

We are here to support Gaia’s pure eco food system. All humans share one planet and the need for clean food, clean water and clean living is felt by all. Freedom Acres is here to build Gaia Centered communities where every human thrives. It is our goal to seed every plate with NON GMO clean foods, fill every glass with pure GAIA crystalline water and create natural, safe habitats for her children all over the world.

We exclusively seed GAIA for her success and long life. Freedom Acres currently plant trees, gardens, natural food sources, manufacture natural clothing, soaps, medicines , no impact housing materials, natural cottage crafts and are nature activists 100%.

100% Donation Based for Planetary Welfare!

We exist because of the collective energy of all beings, therefore we accept all positive and loving donations for the building up of Gaia and her children.

2019 Projects

-Single Parent community build in Arizona. No labels or specific “family structure” no social constructs of indoctrinated “education” or ” forced systematic” learning forced on children. This is a place where families are free to THRIVE! We live for clean Gaia food and pure alkaline water. All members are welcome to transition to a high vibration diet where we harm no living creature on Gaia to obtain nourishment or medicines from Gaia in any way. We will be featuring cooking videos and classes in whole foods meal preparation in the future.

Located in the high desert off the grid but close to amenities. Freedom Acres is here to promote self manifestation of high vibe living. Want to live in an RV? Build a Tiny natural home? Live in a chemical free tipi or Hogan? You can with this community. All resources are freely shared and LOVE coupled with Respect is all we ask! There is no such thing as “dis-abled” or “in’able” as with community, we all can do anything we put our energy into. There is no “income” or “over seer” to fear as we each are sovereign beings living our healthies and most excellent creation!

-Freedom Food Forests planted in every major city/town to feed everyone who needs it! This project in Arizona is currently collecting saplings, cuttings, heirloom NON GMO seeds, hand tools, water storage tanks, natural fabric for shade screens, building books and more. This project will boost the healthy of available food pantries, soup kitchens, food deserts with organic non -gmo, clean foods, whole flours, grains and much more. We know Dis-ease is a program and we seek to break that chain! Each leg of this Gaia centered project will create a NEW knowledge base for any single parent to learn from and grow with in their own business. Freedom Acres uses barter and energy banking/time banking to build each project from the ground up.

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Mail unopened NON GMO Heirloom Seed packages, garden tools, and unopened physical packages to:

P.O. Box 1635 Saint Johns, Arizona 85936. This PO BOX accepts all ground carriers. If you have resources or ideas, please drop Freedom Acres a message!

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